Self-Starter Training & Support Package


The perfect package for DIYers
& self starters.

We will: 

  • purchase and/or connect your domain to your Wordpress,
    Squarespace or Shopify website
  • set up hosting (if required)
  • set up SSL certificate (if required)
  • set up your theme or template (does not include web page creation or design)
  • provide design recommendations
  • provide virtual website training
  • provide 30 days of support after your training

In training, you will learn:

  • fundamentals of how to build your website (ex. create and publish new pages, add to your links/navigation, add images, add text/copy, create your contact page and set up & manage your e-commerce store (if required))
  • basic principles of web and graphic design
  • basic principles of SEO

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